About Toyama Japonica




TOYAMA JAPONICA is an affiliate of Japanese education as a foreign language which was established in 1990. We have been providing Japanese classes for various purposes in Toyama prefecture.



As a Japanese language school

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Training Japanese language instructors

If you would like to be a Japanese instructor, we have an instructor training course once a year. (From April to November)


As a coordinator for Japanese activity

We coordinate multicultural symbiotic Japanese volunteer classes in local communities. For these classes, we develop and support Japanese volunteers who can do ILE (interactive learning environment) activities. We have a Training course for Japanese volunteers once a year.


Activities to spread Japanese as a foreign language

We are intended to increase general awareness of issues related to the teaching of Japanese, and the conditions faced by foreigners in Japan. We go to various places to give a speech for public to tell how important and professional skill is required for Japanese education is. We also invite well-known lecturers to deepen understanding of Japanese education for many people.


Japanese language education research

We always gather information about Japanese language education and connect the latest result of research with actual activities. For developing staff to correspond with various types of Japanese learners, we promote staff of Toyama Japonica to conduct studies of Japanese language education and give them opportunities of training.



Student's Opinions

I have worked in a private language school and have had other experiences teaching English. Toyama Japonica is certainly not an average language school.
Japonica’s teachers work exceptionally hard to prepare and deliver lessons suited to the student. They also offer a lot of help to often clueless foreigners like myself.Together, teacher and student make progress toward the student’s goals.
I have studied at Japonica for three years and will continue to study at Japonica well into the future.

Robert Hirschel (U.S.A)


Studying at Japonica has dramatically improved my overall Japanese ability along with my confidence in using and interest in studying Japanese.
One of the reasons my lessons at Japonica have been so effective is that from the start the teacher, textbook, lesson content, and teaching methods were all tailored to my goals and needs in learning Japanese. The school's small size - which produces an open, relaxed, and homely environment - along with it's friendly and approachable teachers, encourage students to ask questions and take a more active role in their learning.
Moreover the versatile and flexible lesson planning of a highly professional, dedicated, experienced, and qualified teachers make learning Japanese at Japonica relevant, challenging, attainable, and most importantly fun!

Mark Collins (United Kingdom)